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Fleet Management

In addition to vehicle funding, we offer a range of Fleet Management Services to help you operate your company vehicles in the most cost effective and efficient way. Whether you lease your vehicles through Windmill Leasing, through a third party leasing provider or whether you own the vehicles outright, our Fleet Management Services could benefit you. We can take care of your administrative and management needs associated with the running of your fleet.

Key Features:

  • We can arrange your maintenance and service bookings for you 
  • Receive tailored reports to identify your fleet's running costs 
  • Time management - Allows you to focus on your own business and its core activity 
  • Increased assurance - We're here to manage the unexpected for you

Why Fleet Management

Cost and administrative time reductions for your business are unquestionably attractive. By allowing us to take over your fleet management, we can take away the burden and hassle from the day to day issues surrounding the running of a fleet. 

Our tailored fleet management services guarantees that your company gets the best value from your vehicles, whilst ensuring any vehicle downtime is kept to a minimum. We can manage the cost of maintenance and repair by using the economies of scale. Simply by paying a monthly fee, you can start to save throughout the lifespan of your vehicle.

Our Fleet Management Package Comprises:

  • Service Bookings - We arrange your services at approved centres and can provide you with a courtesy car, in the meantime, if required 
  • Service Authorisation - We ensure that everything is done as per manufacturers recommendations 
  • Invoicing - We only send you one invoice, which is more efficient for you

Why Choose Windmill Leasing

Providing outstanding customer service is central to everything we do at Windmill Leasing. With over 10 years of fleet management experience, we can offer you a tailored fleet service. Whatever the size of your organisation, whatever your fleet requirements are, we can assist you. The amount of involvement that we have with your fleet can be entirely up to you. Our team at Windmill Leasing will always be happy to answer any questions or to provide you with any assistance that you may need.

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