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When leasing a car or commercial vehicle through Windmill Leasing, you have the option to include maintenance in your contract. This offers you a complete fixed cost package which allows for easier monthly budgeting and total peace of mind. You will never need to find surplus resources for unwanted charges that may come with the vehicle over time.

Key Features:

  • Routine services covered 
  • Replacement tyres included 
  • Fixed monthly costs 
  • 100% VAT is reclaimable of a maintenance contact

So, What Does it Really Cover?

We factor in all of the below into our maintenance service so you not only get a total package but we are saving you money on the maintenance of your vehicle at the same time.

  • Mechanical and electrical repairs or replacements, including associated parts and labour due to fair wear and tear 
  • Bulbs, Batteries, Exhausts, Cam Belts, Wiper Blades, Alternators & Starter Motors 
  • Routine Services 
  • MOT tests 
  • Unlimited tyre replacements including valve and balance 
  • No recharges for punctures or damaged tyres (dependent upon finance provider)

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